Another of James Patterson’s Best Selling Middle Grade Books

Another Best Selling Middle Grade Book from James Patterson

Laugh Out Loud is growing to be one of this year’s best selling middle grade books. Two famous authors and a noted illustrator teamed up to come out with this fun tale. The team includes American author James Patterson, equally popular children’s book author Chris Grabenstein, and well-regarded illustrator Jeffrey Ebbeler. The book is about the adventures of a boy who chases his dream of putting up his own book company. The story takes place in San Jose, California, where the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial spirit is strongest. It teaches the values of dreaming big, and perseverance in its pursuit. Interestingly, it may also serve as an introductory lesson on entrepreneurship.


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Uni the Unicorn and the Dream Come True

In the magical Land of Unicorns, magic comes from the golden sun, the magnificent rainbows, and the sparkle of believing. But it has been raining for days. This means that all the unicorns are losing their magic. But Uni, a very special unicorn with magnificent hair, sparkling, purple eyes, and golden hooves truly believes that little girls are real. He truly believes that a peculiar little girl can help the unicorns with their problem. Join Uni and the little girl in their heroic adventure to overcome the rains and bring magic back to the land of the unicorns.

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