Best New Children's Books of June 2018

26 Best New Children’s Books of June 2018

Best New Children’s Books of June 2018

Here are the Best New Children’s Books of June 2018. This list was assembled by Editors of Amazon Children’s Books department.


Best New Children’s Books of June 2018 – Ages 3 to 5

Saving Fiona: The Story of the World’s Most Famous Baby Hippo

by Thane Maynard
Release Date: June 19, 2018

Best New Children's Books of 2018: Saving FionaOne cold January day in 2017, nearly two months before her due date, Nile hippopotamus Bibi gave her keepers at the Cincinnati Zoo a little surprise – a tiny, newborn hippo. Fiona was the first baby hippopotamus born and raised in captivity. She was an underdog from the start: she couldn’t nurse, she couldn’t stay hydrated,  and she wasn’t thriving. But the staff at the zoo were confident that they could save her. It would take creative thinking and teamwork. They would have to study the composition of hippo milk the first time ever. They would have to reach out to medical colleagues to ensure that Fiona would begin to gain weight and become healthy. When Fiona began to thrive, her popularity grew quickly. She became an internet sensation. Her pictures and videos garnered thousands of likes and fans on Instagram and Facebook. Why is this little hippo such a big hit with people all over the world? What does the future hold for this amazing hippo?

Thane Maynard, the director of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, wrote this book. It includes full-color photographs of Fiona and the staff at the zoo.

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Drawn Together

by Minh Lê (Author), Dan Santat (Illustrator)
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018: Drawn TogetherA glum Asian boy visits his grandfather. They unsuccessfully attempt conversation over dinner, but the grandfather speaks only in Thai, and the boy speaks in English. Sitting in uncomfortable silence, the awkward boy walks away to doodle on paper. He draws a wizard with a wand and a red hat in the shape of a cone. The grandfather, recognizing the creative outlet, fetches a sketchbook. Surprisingly, he draws his version of a wizard: an intricately detailed warrior clothed in traditional Thai ceremonial dress. The young boy is impressed, amazed that they “see each other for the first time.” The two begin a battle of imagination, pencils and paintbrushes thrashing like swords. One draws in lively colorful cartoons, the other with fierce black-and-white brushed drawings. They join forces against the dragon that divides them, and build a new world together.

Drawn Together is the No.1 New Release in the Children’s Asian & Asian American Books category of Amazon’s Children’s Books Department.

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We Don’t Eat Our Classmates

by Ryan T. Higgins (Author, Illustrator)
Release Date: June 19, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018: We Don't Eat Our ClassmatesIt’s the first day of school and Penelope Rex can’t wait to meet her classmates. But the orange and white T. Rex, who is clad in pink overalls, is surprised to find that all her classmates are children — the human kind. And “children are delicious,” so she eats them. The teacher, Mrs. Noodleman, forces her to spit them out. Penelope’s classmates express their discomfort and unhappiness with meaningful faces and graphic postures. The kids are not impressed with Penelope’s efforts to make friends. The whole class is afraid of her, except Walter the goldfish. She extends the hand of friendship to him, but he gives her a taste of her own medicine. This leads to a change of heart and some new friends.

This book is currently the #1 New Release in the Children’s Dinosaur Books Category of Amazon’s Children’s Books Department. Award-winning author and illustrator Ryan T. Higgins wrote the book.

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Brave Enough for Two (Hoot & Olive)

by Jonathan D. Voss
Release Date: June 12, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018: Brave Enough for TwoOlive is a little girl who likes the types of adventure that exist in books. Her best friend Hoot, a large, chubby toy owl, is eager for real-life adventures. When Hoot tells Olive he prepared a surprise for her that “could be a small bit scary,” she cautiously agrees. What follows is a makeshift balloon-powered flight and a speedy boat ride, both much too scary for Olive’s tastes. Through both adventures, Hoot constantly reminds scared Olive that he’ll keep her safe. Then Hoot discover’s his bottom is torn, and he has lost some stuffing. Olive now announces that she’ll “be brave for both of us.” She repairs the rip and she leads both of them safely home. The artwork makes the story come alive, rendered in watercolors, pen, and ink, with colors added digitally.

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Little Scientist Board Book Set

by Mudpuppy (Author), Emily Kleinman (Author), Lydia Ortiz (Illustrator), Patrick Rafanan (Illustrator)
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018: Little Scientist Board Book SetThe Little Scientist Board Book Set consists of colorfully illustrated portraits of real women who have made a historical impact on the world. The illustrations by Lydia Ortiz and text by Emily Kleinman introduce children to these important people in history. The Board Book Set includes 4 mini board books, each book consisting of 8 chunky pages. The whole set is packaged in a slipcase box.

This is currently the #1 New Release in the Children’s Science Biographies category of Amazon’s Children’s Books department.

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Neck & Neck

by Elise Parsley
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018: Neck & NeckLeopold the giraffe is adored by the zoo-going children. He relishes his high position and the treats that come with it. But one day, a brown-faced child appears with a shiny bobble-headed competition… a high-flying giraffe-shaped balloon! Giraffe and balloon attempt to outdo each other until the giraffe appears to be the loser. Leopold exacts explosive revenge against the upstart balloon, but victory is only temporary. The brown-faced child re-appears with a whole bunch of giraffe-shaped balloons! Alas, the kid trips, loses all the balloons, and Leopold faces a moral dilemma. But all ends well for the giraffe and snacks and the boy and his balloons. The author deals with the serious issues of jealousy and decision-making but is treated comically.


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Fruits in Suits

by Jared Chapman
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018: Fruits in Suits

In this super funny and entertaining story, kids learn through anthropomorphic fruits that there are many kinds of suits — including dress suits, suits for swimming, surfing, sunbathing, and scuba diving. This book is currently the #1 New Release in the Children’s Fiction on Social Situations category in Amazon’s Children’s Books department. It is certainly one of the best new children’s books of June 2018.


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10 Little Ninjas

by Miranda Paul (Author), Nate Wragg (Illustrator)
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018: 10 Little Ninjas

This is a charming bedtime counting book about ten sneaky little characters who are not ready to go to sleep.

It is bedtime already but these little ninjas aren’t ready to sleep just yet. They’re swinging and sliding, and slipping out of bed! Can Daddy and the sensei ever tuck them in? This book will take young readers from playtime to bedtime again and again.



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The Bear in My Bed

by Joyce Wan
Release Date: June 5, 2018

The Best New Children's Books of June 2018: The Bear in My BedThis is the story of a little boy who goes into his room for bedtime. He finds out that his bed is already occupied by a bear! The boy tries to get them both ready for bed, but the bear doesn’t seem to get it. He makes a mess with toys, splashes water around the bathtub, and eats books instead of reading them. Neither does he know how to brush his teeth, or wear pajamas. How is anyone supposed to sleep in a bed occupied by a bear? The Bear in My Bed features author and illustrator Joyce Wan’s sweet text beloved graphic art. It is guaranteed to make bedtime much funnier.

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The 5 O’Clock Band

by Troy Andrews (Author), Bryan Collier (Illustrator)
Release Date: June 19, 2018

The Best New Children's Books of June 2018: The 5 O'Clock BandThis is the story of a young boy named Shorty. He loved playing music with his friends so much that they created the 5 o’clock band. It was so named because they practiced at 5 o’clock after finishing homework and chores. In this story, Shorty gets caught up in playing his own music that he arrives late for the band’s performance and parade. He disappointedly finds that the band left without him. He is so disappointed with himself, that he is sure he will never become a bandleader after letting down his own band members. Feeling dejected, Shorty roams the streets of New Orleans, looking for his band. Along the way, he chanced upon three New Orleans institutions — musician Tuba Tremé, Creole chef Queen Lola, and a troupe of Mardi Gras Indians — who help him understand the elements of success. Each one shares his own wisdom with Shorty about being an artist, a leader, and a friend.

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Niblet & Ralph

by Zachariah OHora (Author)
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018This is the story of two cats, Niblet and Ralph, who look a lot like each other.  They even live in the same building. The two friends decide simultaneously and independently to visit each other. but they discover that the other isn’t there. When Ralph’s and Niblet’s owners, Gemma and Dilla, return to their respective homes, they notice immediately that something is now right. Niblet (who is not Niblet) refuses his usual cheesy chips, and Ralph (who is not Ralph) resists his usual hugs. They just know that their pets have gone missing, and the critter that they have currently is just different. They imagine all of the horrible fates that could have befallen their favorite pets: Have they been kidnapped by a robot? Or eaten by a dog? Maybe stolen? Or carried off by birds? Gemma and Dilla decide to carefully look through the neighborhood and post fliers in search of their beloved pets.  As expected, they run into each other in an uproarious fashion.

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Little Robot Alone

by Patricia McLachlan (Author), Emily McLachlan Charest (Author), Matt Phelan (Illustrator)
Release Date: June 12, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018Little Robot’s life is peaceful. He is cheerful about his life and routine. Every day he wakes up and sings a series of songs. When Little Robot has his breakfast, for instance, he sings:

Oats with oozy oil are yummy
slipping slowly down my tummy.

But although his life is peaceful, he feels a little lonely. So what’s a robot to do? Thankfully, this robot has determination and know-how, but can Little Robot build the perfect cure for loneliness?

The authors’ text practically screams to be read aloud. Their writing is further enhanced by the illustrator’s inviting watercolor illustrations. This is certainly a book to cherish for years to come.

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Best New Children’s Books of June 2018 – Ages 6 to 8

Lions & Liars

by Kate Beasley (Author), Dan Santat (Illustrator)
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018: Lions & LiarsFrederick Frederickson sees himself as a loser, a flea among lions. But he is sure that he can overcome the pecking order of fifth grade. He dreams of the day when he evolves into “his true awesome self.” A Category 5 hurricane cancels his vacation, and Frederick is pushed to the limit. Frederick accepts a dare that sends him floating down a river without a paddle. He comes ashore at Camp Omigoshee, a disciplinary camp for boys. Frederick is mistaken for a camper (Dash) who hasn’t arrived and whose bad reputation is much cooler than his own. Frederick keeps up the facade, and discovers that the other boys are also not what they seem, until the real Dash shows up. Then the story takes a spin as the hurricane hits.

This fun, coming-of-age romp is full of zany, creatively-nicknamed characters (Frederick shares a cabin with Nosebleed, Ant Bite, Specs, and the Professor) coming together in a story of friendship among boys.

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The Early Adventures (Dragon Slayer’s Academy)

by Kate McMullan (Author)
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018This book bundle consists of the first four books of the Dragon Slayers’ Academy Book Series. The book series follows the adventures of a young medieval peasant boy Wiglaf of Pinwick and his two friends, Erica von Royale and Angus du Pangus, as they are educated in the art of dragon slaying at the Dragon Slayers’ Academy boarding school. The not-so-prestigious school is run by Angus’ greedy uncle Mordred. The academy is run under the motto “Goldius est goodius,” features three pots of gold above a dead dragon on its back on its crest. The school serves only eel for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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by Melinda Beatty
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018: HeartseekerThis is the story of an eleven-year-old girl who can see lies.  Her name is Only Fallow. She was only six harvests old when she recognized that not everyone sees lies. For her, seeing lies is as beautiful as looking through a kaleidoscope. However, telling them is as painful as gnawing on cut glass. Her family warns her to keep her abilities hidden. But secrets seldom stay secret.

When the king hears of Only’s ability, he plucks her from her home and brings her to the castle at Bellskeep. She learns that the kingdom is tormented by traitors, and that her responsibility is to help the king identify between friend and foe. But there are others who are able to disguise their dishonesty with cunning of their own. Only must steer through her new circumstances, where her greatest power can also be her greatest weakness.

Heartseeker is labeled as Middle Grade, but is also wildly enjoyable for adults.

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The Great Cheese Robbery (Pocket Pirates)

by Chris Mould (Author, Illustrator)
Release Date: June 12, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018: The Great Cheese RobberyThe Great Cheese Robbery is a charming book about pocket-sized pirates. It is the first book in the Pocket Pirate Series. The crew of tiny pirates lives in a ship in a tiny bottle in an old junk shop. The crew consists of a captain, a first mate, a ship’s boy and a ship’s girl. They get along very well, and have great little people adventures. In this first book, the pirates set off on an adventure to secure cheese from the fridge. This is in exchange for the ship’s cat who is being held for ransom by a gang of mice. This book is full of amazingly detailed illustrations that add to the pleasure of the story. The characters are likable and the storyline pulls the reader in until the last page.

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What Do They Do With All That Poo?

by Jane Kurtz (Author), Allison Black (Illustrator)
Release Date: June 19, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018There are lots and lots of animals at the zoo. And they have lots and lots to eat. You know what comes next — they poo! There are as many types of poo as there are different animals: small and hard, big and stinky, even cube-shaped! But what do zoos do with all that poo? The answers just might surprise you!

This book is currently the #1 New Release in the Children’s Recycling & Green Living Books category of Amazon’s Children’s Books Department. This funny and factual book’s subject is certainly unusual. The friendly, colorful illustrations keep things bright and harmless. And the bouncy rhyming text is educational as well as entertaining. This is a fun read for young science and/or animal lovers. It can also serve as a potty-training aide!

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Vernon Is On His Way: Small Stories

by Philip C. Stead (Author)
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018: Vernon is on His WayThe sympathetic toad who stole readers’ hearts in A Home for Bird (2012) now appears in a picture book with three chapters.

In “Waiting,” the amphibian sits atop a snail shell, accompanied only by a flower. A plain white background communicates the empty boredom surrounding this activity. Surprisingly, the snail eventually appears and carries Vernon into the next story. In “Fishing,” Skunk and Porcupine join their friend. Porcupine feels inadequate because he doesn’t know how to fish, but in reality none of them do. At the end of the story, lit by a sunset, the trio invents their own version of the sport. “Gardening” finds Vernon missing Bird. Working, resting, seeking out things Bird loved, and thoughtful friends are factors in his renewal.

This book is currently the #1 New Release in the Children’s Frog & Toad Books category of Amazon’s Children’s Books Department.

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Mabel and Sam at Home

by Linda Urban (Author), Hadley Hooper (Illustrator)
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018: Mabel and Sam at HomeThis book is about Mabel and Sam on their first day in their new home after moving. The siblings keep out of the way of movers by engaging in fun, imaginative play. First, Mabel declares she is the captain of a ship and commandeers her little brother to be First Mate. Then, they act as a tour guide in a museum. Finally, they end up traveling into outer space.

This is a picture book with three separate but connected chapter adventures. The stories provide a wonderful way to introduce or discuss the experience of moving.

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My Animal Album (First Words)

by Virginie Aracil (Author)
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018: My Animal AlbumThis is a real album of animals. In a welcome change of pace, the author doesn’t stop at the same-old, same-old cat-dog-horse but progresses into new zoological territory, introducing moles, boars, marmots, and other lesser-known creatures. This board book serves as the perfect introduction to the world of animals. This book is doubtless to be a welcome addition to home nurseries and preschool libraries.


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Rosa’s Animals: The Story of Rosa Bonheur and her Painting Menagerie

by Maryann Macdonald (Author)
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Rosa’s Animals is a book for children. But adults are certain to appreciate it too. It is an inspiring story about early Paris and an artist/animal lover, who wouldn’t settle for a trade as a seamstress. Instead, she blazed her own creative path and left the world better with her lasting gifts of beauty. The book includes her life story as well as a list of museums that house her work, a bibliography, and an index. A few of her artworks are also discussed, such as The Horse Fair and Ploughing in the Nivernais.

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Best New Children’s Books of June 2018 – Ages 9 to 12

Neverworld Wake

by Marisha Pessl (Author)
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018: Neverworld WakeNeverworld Wake revolves around Beatrice Hartley and her group of four college students who have been best friends since high school and who gather one evening to catch up. They used to be six until one of them, Beatrice’s boyfriend, died mysteriously in his senior year of high school.  They are heading back to the mansion where they are staying following a punk-rock concert in Newport, Rhode Island. Suddenly, a tow truck nearly collides with them, forcing them off the road and into a ditch. What follows is a strange journey into the unknown. A mysterious man who calls himself The Keeper tells Beatrice and friends that they are trapped in a world stuck on repeat called Neverworld Wake. They will remain in this exile until they decide which one of them may return to the land of the living.

This book is currently the #1 New Release in the Teen & Young Adult Values & Virtues Fiction Category of Amazon’s Children’s Books Department.

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by Kate Messner (Author)
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018: BreakoutWolf Creek is a small town in Upstate New York. Its economy revolves around its maximum security prison. As the school year winds down, the Middle School’s English teacher assigns 5 letters to future residents to be put in a community time capsule. Nora Tucker, daughter of the prison superintendent, and her best friend, Lizzie Bruno, are planning end-of-school and summer activities. Meanwhile, Elidee Jones, whose brother is a new inmate in the prison, moves to town with her mom. Shortly before school ends, two inmates break out of the prison. Subsequently, outdoor activities are canceled and people stay inside as dozens and then hundreds of police search the area. As the days pass, relationships in the town deteriorate into conflicts. Nora and Lizzie invite Elidee to join their relay team for Fourth of July celebrations and develop a sort of friendship. With Lizzie’s help, Nora opens her eyes to the slights Elidee, who is black, endures from some local whites. Most of the townspeople and prison staff are white; most of the inmates are black. Finally, the escaped inmates are caught, in large part because of the girls’ research. Elidee and her mom move back to the city. The story unfolds in time-capsule entries. Press clippings, text messages, and voice recordings effectively communicate the racism hiding in plain sight.

This book is currently the #1 New Release the Children’s Country Life Books Category of Amazon’s Children’s Books Department. Every middle school should consider this book to become part of its library.

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The Cardboard Kingdom

by Chad Sell (Author)
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018: The Cardboard Kingdom

Comics creator and illustrator Chad Sell collaborates with ten different authors to produce an outstanding linked anthology, seamlessly weaving stories of sheer happiness and friendship.

Welcome to a suburban neighborhood where a diverse group of kids create a vibrant world of pretend play. In the process, they find themselves, and support one another.

In the story that Katie Schenkel wrote, Sophie feels extremely disturbed that people say she’s too loud until she fashions a Hulk-like play identity known as “The Big Banshee.” In the story written by Manuel Betancourt, Miguel loves fairy tales and trembles with excitement when Nate asks him to play in “The Prince” — only to discover he’s actually been cast as “the magical pea” and not the romantic role he’d been dreaming of.  Michael Cole’s “The Gargoyle” is about Seth who pretends to be a superhero to try to protect himself from his dad. In “The Army of Evil,” the only story that Chad Sell wrote, Jack identifies as the Sorceress because “She’s what I want to be. Magical. And powerful. And amazing.”

The Cardboard Kingdom affirms the power of imagination and play during the most important years of adolescent identity-searching and emotional growth.

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The Jigsaw Jungle

by Kristine Levine (Author)
Release Date: June 19, 2018

Best New Children's Books of June 2018: The Jigsaw JungleIn 2015, Claudia Dalton’s life is suddenly disarrayed. On the last day of school, Claudia’s father, Jeff, sends a short email to his family saying that he will be working late. Then he disappears without a trace. When clues start turning up in the form of puzzle pieces, Claudia puts together a scrapbook to document the treasure hunt she hopes will reveal the whereabouts of her father. With the help of her grandfather and a new friend, Claudia explores her father’s past, present, and future to unravel his secrets. Claudia thought she had a happy family. Now she’s beginning to worry that her family no longer fits together.

This book encompasses many aspects of life and growing up – love, loss, heartbreak, redemption. Just like a jigsaw puzzle, it explores how all the pieces fit together.

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Alexander Hamilton: Life Stories of Extraordinary Americans (TIME Heroes of History #2)

by The Editors of TIME (Author)
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Best New Children's Books: of Alexander HamiltonThis is the story of Alexander Hamilton, the United States’ first Secretary of the Treasury. He is one of the Founding Fathers of the United States with a complicated and ultimately tragic story. Young adult readers will find a collection of reproductions of artworks, artifacts from the period, photographs and illustrations created to bring the subject alive.


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